Carpet Care


Vacuum regularly. For best results we recommend a motorised power head. The dirt you cant see does the most damage!
Vacuum all your carpet. Don’t just focus on the surface soiling you can see. It is important to remove the dirt you can’t see.
Keep all areas directly off the carpeted areas as clean as possible. Your carpets will resoil very quickly if people are walking off a dirty area onto your carpet.
Use mats at entry points to the house.
Attend to spills and other stains promptly and follow our basic stain removal tips. Click the Tips and Tricks button on our homepage.
Use a professional who will leave your carpets residue free and in a “neutral” state. Note: Once a year is recommended by most carpet manufacturers. You may require more depending on usage.
Avoid overuse of off the shelf cleaning products including powder cleaners as they can leave a residual and promote re soiling (These products have their place so we are not saying don’t use them, simply make sure you read the labels carefully and avoid overuse).
Seriously consider having fabric protection applied to your carpets. Fabric protection will give you more time to react to spills. This does not mean you can become complacent as spills will eventually get through and cause a stain. The best time to remove a stain is as soon as it happens.
Fabric protection will help keep your carpet clean between professional cleaning. For more information see Fabric Protection in Our Services.


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