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Stain Busters is a nationally franchised operation. We have developed a carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning service which incorporates our own exclusive stain removal products and procedures to give us a considerable market advantage.
As an IICRC Certified Firm, our professional technicians are trained to the highest industry standards which means we achieve the best carpet and rug cleaning service for you at a fair price.

We regularly steam clean carpets and rugs already cleaned by others to get them “properly” clean and we are often called to remove difficult stains including cordial, makeup, nail polish, red wine, tea, coffee, pet stains and odours and many many more.

We believe the people who come into contact with Stain Busters should receive a personal, friendly and professional service.

Our aim is to realistically exceed our client’s expectations and build relationships where they happily use us again and tell their friends about us.

The standards set by Stain Busters will ensure our clients receive an  exceptional service which will allow us to stand out from our carpet cleaning competitors.

Our carpet cleaning services include:

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