Our Story

Our company started from very humble beginnings. Patrick Sweeney started his carpet, rug and upholstery steam cleaning service from a single van operation on the Gold Coast in 1990. His passion to be the best carpet cleaner in the world soon had his clients talking and had him looking for help to cope with the demand for his result based carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning and stain removal service.

Stain Busters was born from Patrick’s passion to get carpets really clean. He couldn’t accept the industry had learned to live with certain stains. He enlisted the help of an industrial chemist, and together with Patrick’s unconventional approach, they began to create his exclusive and effective cleaning and stain removal products and procedures.

Now, Stain Busters has several exclusive and effective stain removal products and processes that really work.

Patrick realised he could not take these methods to the rest of Australia or the world by himself, so he started franchising his business system. He instigated his expansion program through Queensland and into New South Wales, Victoria, Canberra, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United States.

It has taken some time but now Stain Busters are set to duplicate Patrick’s outstanding results in franchises all over the world.

Why We Say We Are Better

Getting a great result every time requires an understanding of the science of carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning. Many operators buy a carpet cleaning machine and a bottle of shampoo off the shelf and start up a business. Their machine has poor suction and a pump capable of very low pressure. At this stage they have no knowledge of:

  • The ideal extraction/pressure ratio.
  • The Ph level of shampoos and their residual effects on carpet.
  • The large efficiency increases by small changes in water temperature.
  • Why an all purpose stain remover doesn’t work on “real” stains.
  • How to clean carpets without over wetting them.
  • How to clean carpets without leaving sticky shampoo residue in them causing premature re-soiling.
  • The reason why a “one shampoo fits all” cleaner can’t clean the many different fibres used in carpet construction.

Our carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning service addresses all of these issues. Our system has great suction, providing extra extraction. Good extraction allows us to operate at higher pump pressures without over wetting the carpet. Our shampoos are exclusive to us and we have several to choose from depending on the type of carpet we are cleaning.

We have our own hot water system on board which increases the temperature of the water at the jets.

What all this means is – we loosen the dirt with our superior and exclusive pre-spray shampoos and spotters, hit it harder with high pressures and hot steam vapour and then extract more dirt and water than any standard machine. This leaves the carpets cleaner and dryer.

Using this process we can safely assume anything that does not wash out will not wash out. These genuine stains require one of several different stain removal procedures. This is where you really see the Stain Buster difference. We have a large range of effective stain specific stain removers. Many were produced by Stain Busters for our exclusive use. We regularly remove stains for our clients after they have been told by others “they are permanent.”

There is no doubt we have the tools to do a great job but that is not all you need. Even with the best equipment and products, a lazy, impolite or poorly trained operator can still do a bad job. Stain Busters understand this and have performance standards that all operators must adhere to.

Quality control is taken very seriously and operators know they will return to a job for no additional charge, as many times as it takes until a satisfactory result is achieved. They know it is in everyone’s best interest to do a great job first time. They don’t pass their training until they understand this simple client focused philosophy.

Stain Busters is an IICRC Certified Firm. IICRC are the international body formed to self regulate our industry. They set high standards to ensure the public can absolutely rely on any company who has reached this standard. It is very easy to get into our industry and very easy to do a poor job. It is important to look for a professional who has invested in the right equipment and training.

The Most Important Difference - Our Philosophy

It is important to us personally that people who deal with us have a good experience. We have a true customer focus, not just because it makes good long term business sense. Our aim is to provide excellent outcomes and deliver real value for money in a friendly and professional environment.

Most companies have a margin focus. Their important decisions are affected by money issues. The two quickest ways to increase margin is to decrease the time it takes to do each job or to decrease the expenses used at each job. The result is a quick unsatisfactory job. There are many companies that operate on this premise. We do up to ten jobs a week after these margin focused operators.

The remaining companies have a customer focus. Their important decisions are made for the best interest of the customers. These companies take a long term view of their business and achieve a good result in order to get repeat business and referrals. We have a customer focus but genuinely take it to the highest level.

Stain Busters’ true customer focus is as much about the experience as it is about the result.

Stains Are Our Specialty!

Stain Busters owns exclusive rights to a range of cleaning agents and stain removers that can remove virtually any stains.

Fanta or Coke Products
Food Colour
Ink or Dye
Nail Polish
Oil or Grease
Pet Urines or Faeces
Red wine

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