You want your home to look great and feel comfortable, and your path to achieving that goal starts with the right flooring. Many homeowners choose to install hardwood, laminate and tile flooring. While these floors offer a level of utility not available in carpet, they struggle to provide the same luxury.

If you have hardwood, laminate or tile flooring, but you still want the luxury of carpet, you may want to purchase an area rug. This useful decor will allow you to experience the best of both worlds. Read below and learn which factors you need to consider before buying an area rug for your wood floor.

1. Size It Up

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing an area rug is the size. The size you need will largely depend on the size of the room you will put it in and the amount of furniture you have in that room. A small rug in a large room may make the space seem larger, while a larger rug in a smaller room will make things feel cramped.

Consider how your furniture will rest on your rug. You may want to place only a small section of your furniture on your area rug. If this is the case, you will want a rug that is just wider than your furniture.

Buying a rug for a room with no furniture? Make sure your rug is large enough to stand out, but small enough that it doesn’t hide your flooring. For example, if you place a rug in a hallway, the width of the rug should be slightly smaller than the door.

2. Pick a Shape

Shape is another important decision when considering an area rug. You should only use rectangular rugs in rectangular rooms. Orient the rug so the longest side runs parallel with the longest side of the room.

You can use circular or oval rugs in more places. Consider using these curved rugs in:

  • Bathrooms Bedrooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Entryways
  • Family rooms
  • Game rooms
  • Hallways

3. Choose the Right Type

Consider the purpose of the rug. Will you use this rug to highlight a certain piece of furniture? Will the rug tie the room together? Will the rug provide comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable room?

Once you have decided on the rug’s function, you have to decide on the type of rug you want for your home. Listed below are a few of the more common types of rugs-each with a different look and factors that set them apart.

Tufted Rugs

The majority of rugs you see on the market today are tufted rugs. Easy to produce, rug makers punch wool and other materials through a special backing. Once the designer finishes with the desired pattern, the creator affixes a strong material to the back of the rug to provide extra strength.

Knotted Rugs

Created either by hand or by machine, these rugs come in an array of patterns and styles. Machine-knotted rugs will have more limitations on style and colour than hand-knotted rugs.

Woven Rugs

One of the oldest types of rugs, the woven rug takes shape on a loom. You can purchase either loop-pile or cut-pile constructions.

Embroidered Rugs

The techniques used to create embroidered rugs have also been around for centuries. Rug makers hand-stitch patterns on linen or cotton backing.

Finally, Keep It Clean

No matter which type of rug you choose to highlight your home’s flooring, it’s important that you take care of it. Outside of routine vacuuming, find a quality rug cleaning company. A clean rug will make your home always look its best.