The holidays are here! It’s the perfect time of year to entertain and celebrate with family and friends.

Our website has a wealth of information about stain advice and this post will cover common Christmas and holiday stains.

Once the holidays are over, it’s easy for your carpet or upholstery to seem a little untidy with new stains from dropped food, increased foot traffic and spilled drinks. If your carpet in less-than-perfect condition, check out our tips below to improve stains.

Getting your home back into shape after the holidays can be intimidating. But don’t stress when spills happen (and they can happen no matter how careful you are). Simply be prepared.

You can remove most stains with ease if you treat them quickly and properly. The longer you wait, the more difficult the problem becomes.

Here are some solutions to help you deal with fresh stains as they happen. If you have a set stain see our section on stain removal advice for more specific help for your stain.

Cranberry Sauce

This is a holiday favourite, but its red colour stains easily. If cranberry sauce spills on your carpets, after you have removed the excess treat the stain with a mix of dishwashing liquid and warm water (1 teaspoon to a litre of water). Blot with a sponge or an old colour fast towel until it absorbs the liquid.  Repeat this process until the stain is removed or stops responding.


Treat gravy stains in a fashion similar to cranberry sauce. After wiping away the excess gravy, blot the stain until you remove it or it no longer absorbs into your cloth. Use a mixture of dish washing liquid with warm water (1 teaspoon to a litre of water) to remove any residue. Finish sponging with cold water and blot dry to remove the remaining solution.

Fruit Juice

Don’t panic if one of the children at your family event knocks over a glass of juice onto your carpet. Flush the stain with cold water and blot dry. Treat residue with water and detergent solution as above and blot dry.  If you are left with a stubborn residue see our Stain Specific Advice.

Tree Sap

Christmas tree sap can get stuck on carpet and leave a stain even after you throw out the tree. To treat sap, allow it to dry and then pick it off of your carpet fibres. Treat residue with a water and dishwashing liquid solution or  a carpet spot cleaner appropriate  for your carpets fibres.

Dirt & Mud

As guests arrive, they track mud, dirt and wet leaves that have accumulated on their shoes inside the house. Place quality mats in your entryways, both inside and outside of your home. Then most of the mess will stay away from your carpet areas. To treat dirt and mud, vacuum your floor with a quality vacuum. For the best results we recommend a vacuum cleaner with a motorised powerhead.

Tree Water 

If you spill water from the Christmas tree, it can leave brown stains on your carpet and even rust, depending on your tree stand. Attempt to remove the stain using a solution with half vinegar and half water. The vinegar neutralizes the browning effect. This stain may not come out easily if the water was rusty, in which case you should consult with a professional.

For other solutions, like red wine stains, see our section on Stain Removal Advice.